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What is Viking Quest in Coin Master?

Viking Quest is a smaller than normal game inside the Coin Master game. Players can turn the viking spinner utilizing viking game coins rather than Coin Master turns. Occasion is restricted to a couple of days (26/36/48 hours).


Coin Master Viking isolated into 10 special missions with remunerations. Game clients can win rewards, great prizes and gold cards in Viking Quest.


At town level 50, Coin Master players get Viking Quest. In this way, in the event that you don't have Viking Quest on Coin Master, then, at that point, check your town level first.


Viking Quest missions

The Viking Quest mission showed over the blue Viking Spin button.


There are two sorts of missions in Viking Quest, Regular missions and the Bonus wheel mission.


Ordinary mission:


Players need to procure a specific measure of coins to get mission rewards.


For instance:


Assuming the standard mission states "Win 10M Coins" it implies that the player should acquire 10M coins while playing and turning the Vikings Spinner to accept their prize.


Reward Wheel mission:


In this mission, players need to acquire an expressed number of coins by hitting three reward wheel symbols in succession into Vikings Spinner result.

Viking Quest Coin Master rewards

Viking Quest reward map opens by tapping the award symbol. This reward symbol is accessible at the base right corner of the screen. Reward Map shows players progress through the 10 missions.


In the Coin Master Viking Quest occasion, players can win turns, coins, pet mixtures, pet food, chests and cards(rare or brilliant cards).

Here, coins won in the Viking Quests are Raid safeguarded for 3 minutes after each press of the blue "Twist" button.


Coin Master Viking Quest plan dates

There is no particular timetable for the forthcoming Viking Quest in Coin Master. Be that as it may, in light of past viking mission recurrence you can decide how regularly viking journeys come in Coin Master.

Tips deceives and best practices for Coin Master Viking Quest

Following is a rundown of a few decent practices to play and win Viking Quest in a Coin Master game.


Play the Viking Quest occasion with an adequate number of coins.

Raise or lower your bet carefully.

Raise the bet with great successes.

Lower bet with typical successes.

In the reward wheel mission bet higher for large successes.

For huge prizes, really focus on additional consideration on level 6 and next levels.

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